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It is all about Excellence in Post-Acute-Care! Our foundation to clinical and rehabilitative excellence is based on a commitment to meeting the goals and objectives of every patient, physician and hospital-clinic. Everything we do is focused on delivering value to community we service.


COBALT Home Health Care (CHH) serving Denver Metro including surrounding Douglas and El Paso communities offers technology driven quality medical and non-medical post-acute healthcare services. Our passion and commitment is to help our patients and clients to live gracefully with dignity and comfort of their own home.


Cobalt Home Health Care is a medical personal care agency serving the Denver Metro area and surrounding

communities. Our passion and commitment is to help our patients/clients to live gracefully with dignity within

the comforts of their own home.


Our goal is to provide the most efficient technology driven services at an affordable and reasonable rate. Our

agency is built on the foundation of providing trusting, trained, professional medical staff and caregivers, each

with a commitment of quality care.


Our mission is to serve the patient and their extended family. We understand the stressors of life and our job is

to ensure that your loved one is well-cared for each day, providing your family peace-of-mind.


Cobalt is proud to have a committed team of seasoned management, technology, and healthcare administration staff with over 100 years of professional experience.


COBALT Home Health Care is passionately caring, telehealth driven home care agency. Our passion and commitment is to assist seniors to live gracefully with dignity within the comforts of their own home. The challenge of aging or recuperating from illness or hospitalization can be very stressful especially finding the right agency with trusting and truly passionate and professional caregivers. Geriatric care is our specialty.  We accept Private Pay, VA & HCBS (Medicaid waiver).



Patient Centeric Care






Training to detect early symptoms that could lead to you in the hospital

Medication Planning and Reminders

Therapy to help you with day-to-day living

Education on healthy diets and weight

Health evaluation to help you set up goals for long term recovery

Focus on Elderly care with Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring


CHH  modern facility is centrally  located in Denver at the Innovation Pavilion complex with our integrated Telehealth facility next to Centura Health, CHH is dedicated to positively impacting senior living communities with a mission to help live better quality of life. As the uniquely integrated Telehealth-Home Health licensed Agency providing Post-Acute-Care especially for geriatric patients with disabilities and need for skilled nursing and private duty services of daily living.


With more than 15 years of diversified healthcare experience, CHH offers daily living support services, in-home care, rehab and behavioral health services for people of all ages and skill levels. Our care professionals work in diversified ethnic communities primarily in the Denver Metro Areas (Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, El Paso, and Jefferson)


Our Connected Home model of the future is an industry-leading approach to achieving strong quality and compliance while also driving efficiency and cutting waste. The model includes the use of proprietary electronic health records (EHRs), analytics, medication management, remote monitoring, telehealth, behavioral health services and care management to create an outcomes-based environment that helps people live their best life.


Assistance with Daily Living (ADL)


With well trained andstaffalmost four decades of experience in the disabilities services field, Residential Services provides support to adults and children who need assistance with daily living due to a developmental, cognitive or intellectual disability – helping people reach a higher level of independence to live their best life. Our comprehensive ADL Services cover range of services to cover Activities of Daily Living. Our aim is to be the provider-of-choice in the development of unique and proprietary service offerings and technologies – working towards innovative care models and leading health outcomes.


Homecare ADL Services by COBALT Homecare division include personal care and homemaking programs, geriatric care management, respite care and other programs, as well as differentiated offerings in home telehealth monitoring with  Telecare that help reduce hospital visits and keep patient  in their comfort of their homes longer.


Physical and Mental Rehab (PMR)


Our specialized Physical and Mental Rehab (PMR) program  helps people with specialized rehabilitation needs. Recognized for its significant value proposition, leading outcomes and unique clinical programs, PMR helps patients including those defined by traumatic brain injury and other acute neuro conditions and events. Patients are served outside of institutional settings and in home environments. In this setting, a skilled interdisciplinary team treats patients using clinical experts who focus on meeting each individual’s functional goals. Including neuro conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) & PTSD and stroke. Our multi-discipline clinical  professionals including behavior analysts, social workers, counselors and psychologists work together to improve overall quality of care through a multidisciplinary approach.


TeleMed Virtual Care (TVC)


TeleMed Global, our telehealth specialized technology platform offers a full suite of home monitoring services and solutions for those in need of support to help them maintain a healthy and safe life with  customized care planning and 24/7 monitoring. Real-time interactions with people served help avoid adverse events, improve health outcomes and lower health care costs.



Concentrated visits towards the beginning of our care with 24/7 coverage when you need us

Care coordination with your physican and other important health advisors


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