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Corporate Wellness Program


A company with a strong health culture and professionally managed wellness programs is more likely to have a happy, productive workforce with better overall quality of life. A number of major corporations with well-designed corporate wellness and fitness programs with incentives have successfully engaged a majority of employees to a healthy life style with a positive impact on workforce population health. Number of studies have shown that professionally managed corporate wellness programs lower health care cost, improve workforce productivity, and positively impacts the corporate bottom line. Employers benefit from fewer medical and disability claims, reduced absentees, and improved productivity which more than offsets the cost of a well managed and well equipped wellness center. An investment in the health of a corporate workforce is an investment in the financial health of your company with significant Return on Investment (ROI). Studies have shown that a healthy workforce promotes growth, sustainability and overall financial health of a company.


COBALT Health & Wellness professionals and consultants can help you design a customized wellness program with measurable results either for a brand new center or one in operation to optimize its performance. COBALT works with small, mid-size to large (50 to 50,000 employees) companies to create customized wellness and fitness programs, especially those with a self-funded health insurance.


COBALT in partnership with your management team can provide a no obligation initial assessment and recommend sustainable, cost-effective total solution. We offer a variety of health, fitness and wellness programs to support your workforce health & wellness objectives including, physical activities, healthy living, nutrition, stress and weight management, substance abuse, etc.:


•  Initial Assessment of your Staffing, Equipment, and Facility Needs

•  Development of Customized Fitness Program

•  On-site Fitness Education Classes, Seminars and Training

•  Strength, Conditioning and Weight Loss Coaching

•  On-site Nutrition Education

•  Lunch-N-Learns - Healthy Living and Health/Biometric Screening

•  Management of Health Fairs from Exhibitor Selection, Set-up to Tear down





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