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BMI-BIA Digital Health Management


COBALT through customized health management and risk assessment website portals can provide a forum that empowers individuals to better achieve their health and fitness goals via social collaboration, games, challenges, and personalized content. With the leading digital health monitoring systems and tools (BMI and BIA) individuals can establish new views of their overall well-being by analyzing vital signs and body composition.


Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA) is a scientifically validated test that very accurately measures body composition, water distribution, and overall cellular health. Body composition refers to the percent of muscle and fat tissue of your body. Too much fat and not enough muscle causes inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation causes a host of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis, depression, hormone imbalances and many other medical problems.


Using BIA is the most accurate and reproducible way to clinically monitor changes in fat mass and muscle mass. If your goal is weight loss, only looking at the scale can result in unfavorable outcomes. Measuring fat and muscle during weight loss ensures you are losing weight from the right place and not compromising your health.


Body Mass Index, is a measurement based on your age, height and weight. The BMI is used by medical providers to screen for obesity. But it is not a very accurate measurement as it doesn’t indicate what the ratio of fat and muscle is.


BIA not only calculates your BMI but tells you how much body fat and how much muscle you have. This is known as body composition. Body composition refers to the ratio of muscle to fat, and how much of that fat is behind your abdominal muscles. Large amount of fat stores behind the abdominal wall, or visceral fat, is dangerous. This fat causes inflammation throughout your body. This chronic inflammation results in accelerated aging and chronic diseases.


Clinical Health Screening


Our on-site clinical health screening services provide snapshot of critical health information to help individual manage healthier lifestyle. The clinical health information can be used to develop and manage more effective wellness strategy. Our customized health screening include number of measurements (blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, etc.) and clinical laboratory test (lipid, glucose, CBC, PSI, etc.) In addition, BMI and/or BIA results are generated as required.


Confidential health screening and risk assessment reports are provided to individuals. Health data analytics are generated for an employee population's overall health analysis. The population health results are used in coordination with corporate management to develop appropriate wellness programs.




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